SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2019 demonstrates global trends in fishing industry


SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2019 demonstrates global trends in fishing industry

The III Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo Russia that was held on July 10 through July 12 in St. Petersburg in tandem with Global Fishery Forum hosted by Expoforum EC. The exhibition area hosted 335 companies from 35 regions of Russia and 25 countries of the world and about 10 thousand people visited the events.


The exhibition presented the latest trends in the global fishing industry, in particular, in the manufacturing segment relating to equipment of all kinds. The world's largest high-tech suppliers from Iceland, Norway, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries revealed their developments.

Furuno, a Japanese manufacturer of equipment for ships and vessel, presented its VideoWall, a video panel made of four monitors combined into a single screen, at SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2019. The device displays data transmitted by sensors installed on a ship, including shipborne radars, electronic mapping navigation system, sonar, echo sounder and cameras. VideoWall can be controlled not only from the captain's workstation but also from a computer which may be installed in any convenient place on board the ship.

Russian Fish Company, one of the largest distributors of ice-cooled and fresh-frozen fish in Russia, presented its innovative development being essentially a specialized mobile application for the B2B sector that can be used for ordering products both on a wholesale and retail basis and view information about the availability and prices of products online. The company deals with 60 suppliers from 15 countries of the world, with its product range including more than 50 species of fish and seafood, including salmon, cod, trout, herring, mackerel, capelin, pollock, navaga, pink salmon, chum salmon, flounder, shrimp and squid, all at affordable prices.

Aurora Logistics, a Russian forwarding company, withdrew from its operations and brought to the exhibition its latest development, an energy container designed for supplying power to refrigerated containers. The diesel plants of the energy container enable continuous operation for distances exceeding 10 thousand km while the units are operated and their performance is monitored via a mobile application.

Cold Trade Holding, a St. Petersburg based manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, presented in its booth a holographic device that created 3D projections of various units, which grabbed the attention of visitors and allowed them to get acquainted with the company's products in greater detail.

The use of up-to-date intellectual multimedia technology in the design solutions of exhibition booths is a key feature of SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA since the main mission of the organizers is to maximize the information delivery of the exhibition. However, Expo Solutions Group, the operator of the exhibition, did not leave the aesthetic design behind as well. The entrance to the exhibition pavilion was made in the form of a multimedia tunnel aquarium.


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