AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2019: our future growing from water


AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2019: our future growing from water

Aquaculture Europe 2019 will be held at ESTREL Congress Center in Berlin, Germany from October 7-10, 2019. The  Aquaculture  Europe  events  are  all  about  communication  with  the  sector.  AE2019  will  feature  a  special international  trade  exhibition,  where  German  and  international  companies  will  present  their  latest  products  and services.


Our sector holds the potential to overcome many of the challenges our society faces. The future of healthy and sustainably produced food and commodities lies in the diversity of aquaculture, from single-cell microalgae in bioreactors to fish teeming in sea pens or freshwater ponds.

When we truly want to unlock this potential, we need innovative ways to support the economy of aquaculture, generating new business models and supporting start-ups. We need to proactively work towards the demands of existing and new markets for all our products, seeking new alliances in international trade and consumer support. We have to apply ourselves urgently to the challenges of climate change and scarcity of natural resources in respect and appreciation of the ecosystems we are allowed to work with.


Let there be life – and a future growing from water!

AE2019 will cover the full scope and diversity of European aquaculture. The thematic plenary and technical parallel sessions will comprise submitted oral and poster presentations. AE2019 will also feature an international trade exhibition, industry forums, student sessions and activities, satellite workshops and updates on EU research.

The magazine "FISHERY & AQUACULTURE" is an informational partner of the AE2019.

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