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Our Experts and Authors
  • Anatoliy Bychkov
    Anatoliy Bychkov
    CEO of JSC "Astrakhan Wire Netting Factory".
  • Irina Goldfman
    Irina Goldfman
    Partner of AIC practice in the direction "Project management in agriculture" of the consulting group "NEO Center".
  • Valentin Balashov
    Valentin Balashov
    Chairman of the Board of the Interregional Association of Coastal Fishing Industrialists of the Northern Basin.
  • Jonas Tryggvason
    Jonas Tryggvason
    The head of the Russian representative office of the consortium Knarr Maritime.
  • Andrey Fedorov
    Andrey Fedorov
    CEO of "Fishering Service" that is Russian factory for producing of fishing equipment.
  • Christen A. Mordal
    Christen A. Mordal
    Development director of AKVAgroup company in Russia and CIS countries.
  • Anna Sadovnikova
    Anna Sadovnikova
    Director of the Research and Development Engineering Center of ICTM.
  • Ken Harada
    Ken Harada
    Top manager, production director of the global concern Momoi Fishing, Japan.
  • Dmitriy Antonov
    Dmitriy Antonov
    Technical director of the St. Petersburg company Petrokanat.
  • Polina Kirova
    Polina Kirova
    Development director of TM "Rybset".
  • Valeriy Fateev
    Valeriy Fateev
    Technical director of the St. Petersburg company "ICTM-Petrokanat".
  • Aleksandr Fomin
    Aleksandr Fomin
    Vice-president of the Association of manufacturing and trade enterprises of the fish market.
  • Lasar Taufik
    Lasar Taufik
    The expert on aquaculture of the Fund "Regions - sustainable development".
  • Andrey Karpov
    Andrey Karpov
    President of the Russian Association of Experts of the Retail Market, a member of the Expert Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Sergey Siniakov
    Sergey Siniakov
    Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Director of Kamchat-NIRO in 1998 - 2002.
  • Alexey Stesko
    Alexey Stesko
    Scientific employee of the Institute PINRO, Candidate of Biological Sciences.
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